Responsible game

Gambling is an entertainment, relaxation, and the opportunity to start earning. We appreciate every constant visitor, and we try to enthrall new clients. We carefully ensure that persons under 18 do not play at the Red Luck online casino.

Question of age

18 years old. Red Luck casino at registration requires to specify age, in the corresponding box to write the name, surname, and date of birth. Minors are not allowed to play on our website. This is contrary to the company's principles.

Computer restrictions

If your family has young children or teenagers, we recommend restricting access to your computer. If you suspect that someone else is using your home PC, please contact our support team.

  • Set a password to access the computer;
  • Set up the Affiliate program so that when you re-enter the site, the password is not saved;
  • Install parental control programs;
  • The presence of substantiated proofs and verification results will allow freezing the player's account, introducing false information at registration.


Gambling was invented for entertainment, and it adds everyday life to vivid colors and emotions. No matter how enveloped the world of gambling, possess yourself.

The fact that these are still games, sometimes gamers forget. For someone, such fun is a daily hobby. Someone is trying to turn the game into a source of income. There are also options when a person loses control and becomes a mental illness.

To avoid this, our casino added a self-exclusion feature. The player blocks the game for such periods:

  • break for 12 or 24 hours. Close all game tables during this period;
  • 120, 60, 30, 7 days. The stop period does not allow for replenishing the account or transferring funds. The player will not receive promotional and news messages from our casino;
  • a six-month break requires that you withdraw all funds from your account. To start playing again, please send an email with this support request;
  • freeze the game for a month or two if necessary.

Important recommendations

A responsible game is when the whole process brings only pleasure, does not interfere with other aspects of life, and does not grieve your loved ones. It is easy to stick to a few secret rules to make gambling fun:

  • Do not make a casino-a place of regular income;
  • Try to switch to other entertainment. It is not necessary to fill all your time gambling;
  • Don't try to win back. It is not necessary to try to return everything back, increasing rates;
  • It is better not to play when troubled, in no mood, or tired. Heavy thoughts hinder the adoption of correct decisions;
  • Don't bet that you can't afford it;
  • Set a bid limit. Then carried, you will not win and will not spend extra money.


Casino Red Luck promotes a responsible game that gambling entertainment brings the gamer only pleasure. The player chooses the game budget and sets the deposit limits. In our online casino, the player independently denies access to individual games. Restrictions are also possible for individual bets, tournaments, and cash tables.


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