French Roulette La Partage

French Roulette game. French roulette is considered a profitable kind of this game for gamblers. Here, in comparison with other roulettes, the lowest advantage of the institution. Also, in this game more bets than in the European.

You can play French roulette online for free. For example, the model French Roulette La Partage from the authoritative developer Play'n GO in the Red Luck casino. On its wheel, the numbers are placed according to the standard order.

There is only one zero (in American roulette, there are two of them). The game table is also marked by traditional conditions. Zones that are intended for external bets are located on the sides of the field for domestic contributions.

French roulette online is allowed to make all the standard internal bets and several external bets. The latest in the machine is written in French:

  • Manque (Designation of small numbers);
  • Passe (notation of large numbers);
  • Voisins du zero, orphelins en plein, etc. (sector symbols).

It should be noted that verbal rates are allowed: neighbors, sectors, finals, as well as red and black splits. Roulette online for free or for real money decides the user, but experts advise before the beginning of these bets to understand the rules and nuances of this slot machine.

For the convenience of the players French Roulette La Partage placed on the table a plate, which specifies the ranges of bets. One number is allowed to make a contribution from 1 to 100 coins. Limits of external rates from 1 to 1000.

Play'n Go Roulette Model feature

The main feature of the French roulette is the rule called La Partage. i.e., if zero falls, the external type bets become losing only 50%. The percentage of theoretical return reaches the mark of 97.3%. It is worth considering that the game has no prize payments or bonus rounds.

Interface description

If necessary, players can use the Help section. Determine the amount of the bet; for this, use chips. After the winning number is determined, an additional window will pop up on the screen. It will be a larger wheel sector on which the ball fell.

At the top left of the playing field is placed a scoreboard. Here you will see the last winning numbers. There is an information line in the slot. If necessary, there are custom settings. They are available to control sound, graphics, and other parameters. Free French roulette online from the developer Play'n GO does not require downloading and installing additional software.

Summing up

As mentioned earlier in the article-the model, French roll La Partage is considered one of the best in its segment. The reason is due to the advantageous conditions of the game and the variety of bets.


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