Types of jackpots in online casinos

What is the term "jackpot" associated with? At least with gambling and lots of money. These are the winnings that reach the lucky ones. More than 1.5 billion dollars, the biggest jackpot won in the American lottery. Such prize funds are also played at the Red Luck online casino. Most often, they reach 10 million and more. We speak below about how to win and who pays.
Jackpots Online casino

Static or fixed prize funds

A fixed super prize in gambling establishments is a sum not changing from a player's actions. There is no sense in measuring bets in such cases, as this does not affect the probability of winning. A static jackpot is gamblers after the conditions-for example, the loss of a rare combination of characters in the slot machines or card games. The jackpot is usually tied to a game or a collection of games. Do not confuse this award with the prizes for participating in the casino tournaments.

Everyone has a chance to win several million dollars. All the money is paid only to the winner.

Probability to get a jackpot

For money prize in an online casino RedLuck can each and the odds are all the same. It does not depend on the player's status, the number of strategy points hours, and the total rate. Such winnings are paid in installments according to the terms of the resource regarding withdrawal limits.

Growing, or progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots are constantly growing. This prize fund is increased from each casino visitor rate. Like the static, progressive jackpots are associated with a particular game.

There are no rules for the game with an increasing reward, and it comes down to the following actions:

  • to start the slot game you need to register;
  • gameplay is no different than in conventional slot machines;
  • with each spin, the jackpot size increases;
  • as soon as a certain combination of symbols comes out, you will get a prize.

On the online casino site, there are several slots with the jackpot. Choose the option for yourself based on the value of the prize and the plot.


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