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Casino lottery. Online casino lotteries are entertainment, difficult to put in a row with classic gambling. The peculiarity lies in the fact that the participant does not play, but acquires a ticket, which accidentally turns out to be lucky. It is simply impossible to predict or influence the outcome. There are different entertainment models in scale, rules, and format. Today it is popular to play the lottery online. Websites open up access to tickets from other countries with their jackpots.

Popular games

Almost every state has a national game, which most inhabitants play. With the popularization of Internet technologies, this peculiar hobby became more accessible, demanded, and came to the world level. We at Red Luck online casino also help it.

Each bought ticket is a challenger for dizzying jackpots and plays the lottery online:

  • PowerBall – USA, the jackpot at the moment is about 85 million dollars;
  • SuperStar – Italy, the prize pool – 60 million euros;
  • Eurojackpot is a mega pan-European game that is in great demand;
  • SuperLotto is a California-organized organization offering players to pay $59 000 000;

Players from Switzerland, Spain, Brazil, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, France, New Zealand, and other countries are buying lottery tickets online for lottery casino games. Playing online is simple and fun. The rules of participation are described on the official website and on the intermediary's website that sells the lottery.

Major payouts

Every year, the number of winnings becomes more, so the number of fans to play the lottery online is also rapidly increasing. We can compare it with the popularity of casino slot machines.
Each state lottery has its own rules and policies for the payment of prizes. The amount is often taxed and paid in installments.

Winnings in recent years:

  • US $488 million in 2013 became the prize of the American Powerball lottery. The sum was divided between several winners from different states;
  • In 2012, the lucky ones from Missouri became overnight richer at $587 000 000;
  • Game Florida Lottery brought 590 million dollars to one participant-Gloria McKenzie. What is noteworthy, this sum is the world record for a single jackpot;
  • Mega Millions paid $640 000 000 to three players in 2012, dividing the prize equally – each of 213 million.

In 2016, the prize Biomilk Ball reached a grand mark, so the winners got $1 billion 586 million US dollars. Some of the lucky ones got half a billion!

About the history of occurrence

The first lottery was a draw, with the help of which the random outcome was determined even in ancient times. But the first European lottery was organized in the 15th century in Bruges. The event had a charitable motive. In 1520-1530 years, entertainment spread to France and Italy. In the USA, the lottery was made thanks to the English colonies in the 17th century.

Big money attracts the attention of the press and inspires players to participate, so the stories of the lucky ones are often seen in popular editions. At times, entertainment was pursued by the law and forbidden. For example, in America, the game was released only in the 19th century at the national level.


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